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past events : yak & yeti mtv party

yak & yeti mtv party
2002/06/14 1900-0100

originally, ts-ktm-004, but not anymore.

all right, truthfully, we were kind of bummed out about this whole event. we were supposed to spin on this 'mtv event,' but then mtv insisted that they brought their own dj (of course for the big bucks, when we were willing to spin for free). nevertheless, we took this opportunity to 'prachar-prasar' all 4 of us (biraj, sid(dhi), fs and prakrity) had our fresh t-shirts on, and wore them with pride. check out the pictures, you'll see what i mean.

on the flip side, this event gave us a break... a chance to enjoy ourselves (without having to worry about the sound system clipping, the computer hanging, or of course - beat-matching).

planning for next friday as begun already... ts-ktm-004... stay tuned.

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