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past events : hyattrance

hyattrance, rox bar, hyatt hotel, kathmandu, july 5, 2003; saturday presents...

rox bar
the hyatt regency hotel

july 5, 2003
6pm onwards

release yourself to a higher state of trance...

trance isn't just another genre of music. you don't listen to trance; you get into it; you release yourself to it.

40,000 people in one show can't be wrong (see image).

come and release yourself to a -higher- state of trance at the -hyatt-; pure trance served up by your very own n-r-g team:

fibonacci / dj bhatte / dj biraj / prakrity


a event in association with the hyatt regency, ktm


hyattrance photographs now online; click here!


the first time a "trance party" was held at a 5-star hotel in kathmandu. i did not know what to expect. i am sure prasanna had the same feelings. prasanna is the associate director of sales that pushed this event from the hyatt side. "let's give it a try" was the attitude of both prasanna as well as the nrg team @, no matter what other people thought.

setup lasted from 3pm to 6pm, after which prasanna took off. he said, "see you at around nine!"

although the event was supposed to start at 6pm, the rox bar sound system still had easy listening playing in the background. supposedly some vip guests were in the upper level of the lounge. it did not matter, since only two groups of partygoers had arrived. all girls. that was a good sign.

"trance parties" in kathmandu have been stereotyped as "all boka" parties with ganja and hardcore music, often all-nighters where a knock-out is a must. we're trying to introduce a different kind of culture. it is not just all about drugs. with the success of trance tantra iii, i think we're slowly getting there.

i was beginning to get worried when it was already 7pm and the easy listening music was still playing. it was then that i walked up to the dj booth and asked usup (now known as sickfreak), who was still on sound-check, to not worry about the vip guests and start spinning. sickfreak wasted no time.

people came. people went. most people sat in the lounge and had drinks. the dancefloor was empty.

8pm. finally, a couple of people, started to "wet" the dancefloor. bhatte was spinning by then. the simple set up was... well, simple, but effective. nothing but two black tube lights, with a strobe light in the middle. the projector on the backdrop of the dj booth was playing trance energy and mayday liveset videos (pvd, mauro picotto, tiesto, johan gielen). some footage of dj's like armin spinning at clubs was there as well. it basically set the mood... told people about the trance atmosphere... laser lights, glowsticks, special effects, visualizations, etc.

9pm. by the time biraj was on the decks, the dancefloor had fully picked up. more and more people arrived on this saturday night... surprisingly. remember, sunday is a working day. the lounge was beginning to get packed as well. there was no place to stand by the bar either.

prasanna, who arrived a little after 9pm, later told me that when he saw from the parking lot the corner lounge of the rox filled, he knew it was a good night. thus, by 9:30pm, we knew that hyattrance was a success!

the floor refused to die down after that. the music got harder and faster, with fibonacci on the decks, just before guest dj's, pritam and zion. by the time fibonacci was spinning, around 11pm, people from the dancefloor and the lounge had spilled over to the garden, as it was so crowded inside the rox.

the good part about the rox is that it has a garden... and a huge one too... that people can "escape" to, to take a break from the adrenaline rush inside. so people were both inside as well as outside.

by midnight, it was apparent that hyattrance had not become a traditional "boka party", with girls in every direction one looked. girls on the dancefloor, girls in the lounge, girls outside. no, no naked girls yet. :)

the photos should speak for themselves.

it was my turn to spin at half past midnight. the mood was so hyper that i had to resort to spinning much harder and faster tracks than what i usually spin. it was quite the change spinning 145 bpm tracks from my usual 138 bpm. some tracks sounded weird with the pitch high up. nevertheless, the crowd loved it.

1am. to my surprise all the lights came on a little after 1am. we had verbally agreed to at least 2am, unless the party was a flop. the party did not seem like a flop to me... the dancefloor was still packed. however, the lights did it. the crowd started to disperse. i guess not many people like dancing in bright lights.

after a "light quarrel" with some hyatt staff (prasanna had left at 12:30), we ended up shutting down at 1:15am. we'll have an mou signed next time. is there going to be a next time? definitely. hyatt usually makes 20-30k on a regular saturday. at hyattrance with 230+ people, they made over 100k.

we dj'ed for free. we brought our stuff (sound system, projector, lights, etc.) for free. well, it was a trial anyways, so i am not complaining.

stand by for bigger and better parties at the hyatt coming soon!

- prakrity


dj bhatte

  • astral projection - anything is possible
  • dj mystic - time to say goodbye
  • gala - freed from desire
  • warp brothers - how u like bass
  • warp brothers - x
  • gary n jd yanni - the end of nostrum
  • dj destruct - damnation
  • futurax - voice of buddha
  • vodoo n serano - blood is pumpin'

dj biraj

  • playlist unavailable


  • snap - rhythm is a dancer (cj stone 2002 remix)
  • orbital - nothing Left (breeder mix)
  • travel - bulgarian (incisions remix)
  • breeder - twilo thunder
  • [other tracks unavailable]


  • basic dawn - pure thrust (nu-nrg remix)
  • paul van dyk - nothing but you (original mix)
  • paul van dyk - tell me why (the riddle) (club mix)
  • ocean lab - clear blue water (ferry corsten remix)
  • firewall - touched (original mix)
  • faithless - we come 1 (pierre hiver and m hammer mix)
  • marco v - godd (original mix)

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